Grand Témoin : Jean-Louis Etienne

Extraordinary adventure, exploration, technological prowess, dreams, commitment, perseverance...

A tireless defender of the planet and a renowned explorer, Jean-Louis Etienne was the first man to reach the North Pole solo in 1986 and to make the first complete crossing of the Antarctic in 1989-90.


A tireless defender of the planet, his many educational and scientific expeditions aim to raise awareness of the polar regions and understand the role they play in life and the Earth’s climate.


His love of great adventures will take him to the Southern Ocean in 2025 for an unprecedented exploration aboard the zero-emission oceanographic platform Polar Pod, an expedition worthy of Jules Verne that brings together 43 scientific institutions from 12 countries.


Jean-Louis Etienne will be speaking on 3 October.


Photo credit: @Septième Continent @Septième Continent


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