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Nicolas Aumar Photo Page Guest

Nicolas Aumar

Director of the ROUGEOT ENERGIE division

Nicolas AUMAR, Director of the ROUGEOT ENERGIE division, is in charge of the direction, management and animation of JUSTY, a design and engineering office. ROUGEOT ENERGIE is a general contractor of hydrogen stations, and ISTHY an European testing center which provides certifications of hydrogen storage systems. 


Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for using Hydrogen”

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Stéphane Aver

Chairman and CEO of Aaqius

Stéphane Aver founded Aaqius in 2006, Innovative SME, specializing in the creation of low carbon technological standards for mobility and energy. Following the COP21 in Paris, STOR-H the new Aaqius standard is launched. This technological key to the carbon-free hydrogen sector aims to be the new energy standard for green mobility of less than 1 ton. In 2017, China, Morocco, United Arab Emirates are the first to adopt it.


Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for the use of hydrogen” 

Lucas Bertrand Photo Page Guest

Lucas Bertrand

Business Development Manager with ITM Power

Lucas worked 12 years in the hydrogen industry, most recently as Business Development Manager with ITM Power, the PEM Electrolyser Company. As AFHYPAC member, cofounder of H2 Mobilité France, he participated actively to the emergence of the French H2 vision, promotes and successfully developed H2 projects in France (Pau Bus Station), Benelux (Gasunie), and Iberia.


Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution” 

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Christan Bestien

Business Development Director at Haffner Energy

Christan Bestien is Director of Business Development at Haffner Energy: the company behind the HYNOCA® solution, an innovative process for producing carbon-free and renewable hydrogen using the thermolysis of biomass.


Plenary n°05 : “Developing stationary applications” 

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Bart Biebuyck

Executive Director


Bart Biebuyck is since 16th May 2016 the Executive Director of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), a public-private partnership aiming at facilitating the deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in Europe.


Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

Damien Destremau Photo Page Guest

Damien Destremau

Chairman of The Reefer Group and CHEREAU

Damien Destremau, Chairman of The Reefer Group and the company CHEREAU. CHEREAU is the French leader in refrigerated bodywork for heavy goods vehicles. It is the first manufacturer in the world to offer a refrigerated semi-trailer that runs on hydrogen. 


Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

Julien Etienne Photo Page Guest

Julien Étienne

Business and Programs Director of Plastic Omnium New Energies

Julien Etienne is Business and Programs Director of Plastic Omnium New Energies. He is in charge of the product and market strategy for the Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cell Systems offering, on mobility applications. Its challenge: to make technology suitable for mass markets – competitiveness, security, performance.


Workshop n ° 06: “Production and storage technologies”

Sebastien Faivre

Sébastien Faivre

CEO and co-founder of the H2SYS company

Sébastien Faivre is the CEO and co-founder of the H2SYS company established in 2017. H2SYS commercializes hydrogen generating sets and hydrogen “Power Packs” for industry and Off-road mobility. In 2011, he joined the FCLAB-CNRS Research Federation as Vehicle Project Manager on the MobyPost Project which gave birth to the first hydrogen vehicles fleet registered in France.


Plenary n°05 : ” Developing stationary applications”

Max Gantet Photo Page Guest

Max Gantet

Project Leader at Bouygues Energies & Services BU Smart Energies

Max Gantet is a Project Leader at Bouygues Energies & Services BU Smart Energies . As a Project Leader, he is involved in the national dynamic of green hydrogen production in order to develop 100% carbon-free ecosystems (mobility, industry & renewable energy storage). 


Workshop n°02 : “Stationary applications” 

Matthieu Guesne Photo Page Guest

Matthieu Guesné

Founder of Lhyfe

Matthieu Guesné, former research director at CEA, founded Lhyfe in 2017. “Hydrogen is our future if it is clean from start to finish. We produce it from renewable energy. It’s not complicated, and better for our children ”. 


Workshop n°04 : “Electrolysis and industrial hydrogen”

Jeremie Lagarrigue Photo Page Guest copie

Jérémie Lagarrigue


Jérémie Lagarrigue, EODev‘s CEO and former F18 catamaran world champion, is representative of this generation of engineers for whom the energy transition only makes sense if it is transformed into technological reality. Before joining EODev, Jérémie was the director of Hydros.


Workshop n°05 : “Waterways applications”

Photo Page Guest

Yane Laperche Riteau

Business Development Director Ballard

Yane Laperche Riteau joined Ballard Power Systems Inc. in October 2013 as Business Development Director, she has been in the Fuel Cells industry since 2008 working for IdaTech LLC and developing sales mainly in Europe.


Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

VL Page guest V2

Vincent Lemaire

President of SAFRA

Vincent Lemaire, 52, joined the Albigensian SME in 1992, is now at the head of the SAFRA Group, made up of 4 companies. He was behind the 2015 launch of the Businova program, the first hydrogen-powered bus made in France.


Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

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Nenad Nikolić

Business Development Manager McPhy

Nenad Nikolić has always worked in the field of the Environment and its preservation. After 8 years at ENGIE, Nenad has joined the McPhy team at the end of 2018 year to develop the use of Hydrogen in Sustainable and Renewable Mobility.


Workshop n°04 : “Electrolysis and industrial hydrogen”

Yohanne Perrot Guest

Yohann Perrot

Business Development, Marketing and Product Manager – Busch Clean Air

Yohann PERROT, 42 years old, PhD. and master’s degree in Fluid Dynamics in Aeronautics and Aerospace. Since 2006 working in automotive segment and since 2012, dedicated to the fuel cell business development, particularly hydrogen recirculation within the Busch group. From customers’ technical support to business and company strategy via products definition, I sustain the hydrogen subsidiary across the world. 


Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for using hydrogen”

Photo Page Guest

Cécile Prévieu

Executive Director STORENGY

Cécile Prévieu has been Managing Director of the Storengy BU of the ENGIE Group since 2015. She was previously responsible for Storengy’s asset management activities, including finance, legal, strategy, business development and the optimization of underground storage facilities. She joined the ENGIE group in 2010, working alongside the Executive Vice-President in charge of the Infrastructures branch.


Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution”

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Christelle Rouillé

Managing Director of Hynamics

In September 2017, Christelle Rouillé joined the brand new entity created by the EDF group “New Business Department” in charge of developing the group’s future and new activities and making them growth levers. She holds the position of Director of Strategy and Business Coordination. Since 2019, Christelle Rouillé has been Managing Director of Hynamics, the EDF group’s low-carbon and / or renewable hydrogen production and distribution subsidiary.


Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution “

Benno Weinberger Photo Page Guest

Benno Weinberger

R&D Manager and Hydrogen referee

Dr. Ing. Benno Weinberger, graduated at the Technical University of Berlin as energy and process engineer. Since 2009 he coordinates R&D topics related to hydrogen safety at Ineris and contributes to the working group of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety IA HySafe, were he served several years as secretary. Further he is member of the ISO 197 Hydrogen technologies, CEN/TC 268/WG 5 Specific hydrogen technologies applications, CEN/CLC/JTC 6 Hydrogen in energy systems. 


Workshop n°01 : “Regulatory aspects along the entire value chain”