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Mike Horn


Mike Horn

Mike Horn is acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest modern day adventurer-explorers. He has undertaken exceptional feats of endurance, determination and courage, which have extended the boundaries of human achievement. Mike’s list of accomplishments is unparalleled. He has been pushing the boundaries of exploration for more than 20 years now. He’s circled the world twice (once on the Equator and once on the Arctic Circle); he’s walked to the North Pole in winter and complete darkness ; he’s sailed around the planet for four years on his boat educating the youth about the environment; and he’s scaled four of the world’s 8,000+m mountains.


Speech on September 29 at 5:30 p.m.


Nicolas Aumar

Director of the division



Nicolas AUMAR, Director of the ROUGEOT ENERGIE division, is in charge of the direction, management and animation of JUSTY, a design and engineering office. ROUGEOT ENERGIE is a general contractor of hydrogen stations, and ISTHY an European testing center which provides certifications of hydrogen storage systems. 

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Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for using Hydrogen”

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Stéphane Aver

Chairman and CEO


Stéphane Aver founded Aaqius in 2006, Innovative SME, specializing in the creation of low carbon technological standards for mobility and energy. Following the COP21 in Paris, STOR-H the new Aaqius standard is launched. This technological key to the carbon-free hydrogen sector aims to be the new energy standard for green mobility of less than 1 ton. In 2017, China, Morocco, United Arab Emirates are the first to adopt it.

Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for the use of hydrogen” 


Florent Baudu

Sales Director Industry Market


Florent BAUDU has been working more than 20 years for the industry (in petrochemicals for a steam cracker/steam reformer equipment supplier as well as for Glass and Steel industry as Vice President Sales for an EPC company). He holds a MSc in Particle Physics as well as a MBA from EDHEC Business School. He joined McPhy in February 2019 and he is currently in charge of large electrolysis platforms development dedicated to industrial and energy applications.

Workshop n°04 : “Electrolysis and industrial hydrogen”

Lucas Bertrand Photo Page Guest

Lucas Bertrand

Business Development Manager

ITM Power

Lucas worked 12 years in the hydrogen industry, most recently as Business Development Manager with ITM Power, the PEM Electrolyser Company. As AFHYPAC member, cofounder of H2 Mobilité France, he participated actively to the emergence of the French H2 vision, promotes and successfully developed H2 projects in France (Pau Bus Station), Benelux (Gasunie), and Iberia.

Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution” 

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Christian Bestien

Business Development Director

Haffner Energy

Christian Bestien is Director of Business Development at Haffner Energy: the company behind the HYNOCA® solution, an innovative process for producing carbon-free and renewable hydrogen using the thermolysis of biomass.

Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy / production / storage / distribution” 

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Bart Biebuyck

Executive Director


Bart Biebuyck is since 16th May 2016 the Executive Director of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), a public-private partnership aiming at facilitating the deployment of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in Europe.

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

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Philippe Boucly

Since December 2017, Philippe Boucly has been President of France Hydrogène, the association which brings together players in the French hydrogen and fuel cell industry, after having been its 1st Vice-President for 4 years within this association. From 2009 to April 2013, Philippe Boucly was the Managing Director of GRTgaz, the main French operator of the natural gas transmission network. It was during his tenure that the company made the transition to renewable gases, particularly hydrogen. Philippe Boucly has spent his entire career with Gaz de France, which became GDF Suez then ENGIE.

Plenary n°03 : « Industrialization: going forward with giga factories» 

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Jean-Marie Bourgeais



Jean-Marie Bourgeais is a senior engineer expert in electronics with a background in mechanics. He’s specialized in design, development and integration of complex technical solutions. Passionate about new technologies, he has been one of the rare green hydrogen pioneers-visionaries since 2010 after 4 years of R&D at Airbus. He created the company PowiDian in 2013, a spinoff from Airbus, to develop and implement decentralized energy solutions internationally.

Workshop n°02 : “Stationary applications” 

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Thierry Breton

European Commissioner for the Internal Market

European Commission

Engineer, with a Supélec qualification in computer science, Thierry Breton begins his career as an entrepreneur in the new technologies sector. In 1981, he set up in the United States Forma Systems, an SME which he heads for 5 years. At the same time it publishes a number of science-fiction novels, including Softwar, sold at 2 million copies and translated into a dozen or so languages. In 2005 he was appointed Minister for Economic Affairs, Finance and Industry of France, which he held until 2007. Following his ministerial office, he teaches the governance at the Harvard Business School. In 2009, he became CEO of Atos, a technology and digital service company until 2019. In 2019 he became the European Commissioner for the Internal Market. It is responsible for industry, services, digital, defence and space, as well as tourism and audiovisual. 

Plenary n°01 : « Hydrogen: a commitment for the future of the energy transition» 

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Linda Brussaard

Experte en systèmes électriques


After finishing her PhD in Physics, she started working for the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Waterworks. First she was involved in the electrical & mechanical systems in road tunnels, which are safety related systems. In 2005 she changed to the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority and has since then been involved in airworthiness of aircraft as electrical systems expert. Since 2009 she is working for the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Besides the regular certification of all kinds of aircraft, she is a.o. involved in Eurocae working groups regarding electromagnetic hazards and Hydrogen and fuel cell systems, and is a regular contributor to conferences like ICOLSE, MEA, and others.

Workshop n°01 : “Regulatory aspects along the entire value chain”

Photo Page Guest buet

Damien Buet

Faurecia Clean Mobility – Zero Emission Division Vice President


Damien Buet is Zero Emission Division Vice-President at Faurecia Clean Mobility. After starting his career with Michelin in operations, he joined McKinsey where he was a senior manager in the Industry practice. He joined FCI in 2009, then under LBO by Bain Capital, and participated in the turnaround of the company in Marketing, Strategy and Sales functions. After the takeover of FCI by Delphi (now Aptiv) in 2012, he became Business Unit Director. He joined Faurecia Clean Mobility in 2016 as Vice-President of Global Sales & Programs, then lead the Emerging Markets Division for 3 years until taking his current position in April 2021. Damien Buet has an Engineering degree from Mines Paris Tech, with specialization in management and finance.

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”


Vincent Carboni

Project lead, energy and hydrogen

Bourgogne Franche Comté Regional Council

A geologist by training, I worked in the mining industry for about 25 years, including a 12 year spell in Brazil. I moved back to France a few years ago, and I am now dedicating myself to a long-held interest of mine: energy and the transition to a low-carbon world. At the Bourgogne Franche Comté council, I help finance energy and hydrogen projects, from R&D to H2 production.

Workshop N°07 “Jobs of tomorrow”


Fiche renseignements Speaker Cécile Cohas

Cécile Cohas

Innovation research manager

Voies navigables de France 

20 years experience working with industry, politicians, policy makers, academics and third parties specifically in developing new public and private business using national and European funding.14 years working for VNF (French Rivers) leading major initiatives within complex public and private organizations. For 15 years, she has been working for rivers innovation in leading or being part of multidisciplinary team involved in innovative projects and programms bringing technology trends (energies, new propulsion for boat, innovativ logistic) and requiring regional and European fundraising.

Workshop n°05 : “Waterways applications”

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Eric Dalla Vecchia



Eric Dalla Vecchia is Vice President of Robert Bosch France in charge of Bosch Engineering, Commercial Vehicle Off Road and ITK divisions in France. After many experiences at OEMs and suppliers in both automotive and railway sectors, he has joined Bosch France and has developed Bosch Engineering in France. Bosch Engineering, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch group, brings and adapt all technologies of Bosch in the sector of mobility to its customers (passenger and commercial vehicles, railway, construction and agriculture, robotic and aviation). Recently, Bosch Engineering takes part in the development of R&D projects in many mobility applications using fuel cell and hydrogen engine.

Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for the use of hydrogen” 

Christophe de Fitte

Christophe de Fitte

Managing Director

BDR Thermea France

Christophe de Fitte joined BDR Thermea as Managing Director France in May 2020. BDR Thermea Group is a leading manufacturer of smart thermal comfort solutions with a near-zero carbon footprint to building owners and users. Better known for its historical brands, such as De Dietrich or Chapée in France, BDR Thermea was the first manufacturer to design a carbon free hydrogen boiler. Prior to joining BDR Thermea, Christophe was the CEO of GCE Group, a leading manufacturer of gas control equipment.

Plenary n°05 : « Developing stationary applications »

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Alain Diboine

General manager

STOR-H Technologies

I have a background in fracture mechanics with a PhD of Ecole des Mines de Paris/SNECMA followed by a post doc in material science and engineering at MIT.Back to France I started with Renault where I held various positions as material engineer, project manager, passive safety manager, body in white manager,  production of plastic fenders. In 2005 I moved to Seoul South Korea as head of Renault Samsung Motors R&D division, then in 2010 I moved to Russia to become head of Avtovaz R&D in Togliatti. Back to Renault Technocenter in Guyancourt I was in charge of a cross company team on Renault-Nissan validation process.   In 2017, after 30 years within Renault group, I started to work for Segula International as Business developer for Russia, China and India, then for Segula Matra Automotive as head of international projects. Beginning of 2020, I joined STOR-H as manufacturing manager, I became CEO early 2021 and moved to Geneva.In addition I joined two executive education programs one with INSEAD in Fontainbleau and one with Harvard Business School.

Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for using hydrogen”

Julien Etienne Photo Page Guest

Julien Étienne

Managing Director



Julien Etienne is the co-Managing Director of EKPO Fuel Cell Technologies, a joint venture of Plastic Omnium and Elring Klinger, based in Germany. He previously was in charge of Business and Programs for Plastic Omnium New Energies since 2018. Mechanical Engineer by training, he’s been involved in Automotive and New technologies for most of his carrier. He is dealing with the product and market strategies for Fuel Cell Stacks offering on mobility applications. His challenge : bringing hydrogen fuel cells to mass market : competitiveness, safety, performance

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

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Sébastien Faivre

CEO and co-founder

H2SYS company

Sébastien Faivre is the CEO and co-founder of the H2SYS company established in 2017. H2SYS commercializes hydrogen generating sets and hydrogen “Power Packs” for industry and Off-road mobility. In 2011, he joined the FCLAB-CNRS Research Federation as Vehicle Project Manager on the MobyPost Project which gave birth to the first hydrogen vehicles fleet registered in France.

Plenary n°05 : ” Developing stationary applications”

David Fernandes

David Fernandes

Business Strategy Leader

Microsoft Corporation

David Fernandes is a business strategy leader on Microsoft’s Datacenter Advanced Development team, tasked with developing technology that may go into Microsoft’s datacenters in the next 5-10 years. Microsoft is researching and piloting hydrogen fuel cells for use at datacenters to help meet the company’s sustainability commitments. Prior to joining Microsoft, David held the position of Business Development Manager for Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy US.

Plenary n°05 : “Developing stationary applications”



Capella Festa

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Capella Festa is the Chief Operating Officer of Genvia, a joint venture between the CEA and Schlumberger.  Before joining Genvia in March of this year Capella was Vice President of Schlumberger New Energy which responsibility for Hydrogen.  Capella has held different technical, operational and management roles over a twenty-five-year career with Schlumberger including a three-year secondment to the International Energy Agency where she was one of the authors of the World Energy Outlook.

Plenary n°03 : « Industrialization: going forward with giga factories» 

AIR LIQUIDE© Nicolas Gouhier

Pierre-Étienne Franc

Co-Founder and General Manager

Five T Hydrogen invest fund

Pierre Etienne-Franc, a graduate of HEC Paris, is one of the most recognized Hydrogen experts in the world. He has spent the last decade developing the Hydrogen activities at Air Liquide and recently created the first hydrogen pure play infrastructure fund. In June 2017, he took on the role of Vice-President, Air Liquide, Global Hydrogen Energy Business Line, in charge of developing the full potential of the Group’s Hydrogen activities around the world. From 2010 to 2016, he chaired Hydrogen Europe and the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen joint venture. He co-founded and chaired the Hydrogen Council as co-secretary from its inception until March 31, 2021. Since April 1, he has taken the head of training and management of Five T Hydrogen, a fund dedicated to pure play hydrogen infrastructure.

Plenary n°03 : « Industrialization: goging forward with gigafactories » 

Amer Image

Amer Gaffar

Amer Gaffar is director of the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University and a sustainability/ low carbon professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the sector. Amer is a passionate advocate for fuel cell and hydrogen technology and has successfully built consensus and momentum in Greater Manchester and the North West towards positive environmental practice and cleaner energy over the last decade. In 2013, Amer founded the Greater Manchester Hydrogen Partnership to develop and build the strong and diverse network of SME, industry, researchers and public sector stakeholders integral to the work of the Centre today. In addition to his role at the Centre, Amer continues to lead a number of projects to make Greater Manchester a centre of excellence in hydrogen and fuel cells such as leading one of Europe’s first targeted programme of Hydrogen Education (HySchools. He is leading the skills pathway for NetZero North West and  lead the development of the Greater Manchester Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Strategy.

Workshop N°07 “Jobs of tomorrow”

David Gallezot

David Gallezot

President and Technical Director

Avions Mauboussin

A graduate of France’s most prestigious college, the Ecole Polytechnique, David Gallezot is a Supaéro engineer. A truly passionate fan of aviation, an airplane pilot, mechanic and historian, he wanted to be a glider pilot and parachutist. He ended up as a plane-maker. In his first post, he designed the avionics of a wide range of airplanes and helicopters. He was among the pioneers in aerial cartography and data-bases, developing the certification requirements for innovative technologies. He worked for a wide range of clients, partners and suppliers in France, Germany, Canada, the UK and the USA, including work for the FAA and EASA. Responsible for airworthiness at Sky Aircraft, he contributed to the organisation of this start-up which aimed at designing the “Douglas DC-3 of the 21st century”. David Gallezot became a consulting engineer recognised in the fields of onboard systems with high safety levels, from certification to design and approval by the European and American aviation authorities. Uncompromising with regard to simplicity and efficiency in the design of aircraft, engines and systems, and the great importance of safety, David Gallezot is also deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility. He set up Avions Mauboussin with the dream of reviving a famous French light airplane manufacturer from the 30’s and, at the same time, of applying the latest green technologies and procedures to general aviation.

Workshop n°08 : « Aeronautics» 

Max Gantet Photo Page Guest

Max Gantet

Max Gantet is a Project Leader at Bouygues Energies & Services BU Smart Energies . As a Project Leader, he is involved in the national dynamic of green hydrogen production in order to develop 100% carbon-free ecosystems (mobility, industry & renewable energy storage). 

Workshop n°02 : “Stationary applications” 

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Christophe Gaussin

Christophe Gaussin is the CEO of the company GAUSSIN. In 1995, he took over the reins of the family business founded in 1880 by his great-great grandfather Eugène Gaussin. At the same period, he took over the presidency of the Lure Chamber of Commerce, which he merged with that of Vesoul. The company’s market value is today approximately €250 million. Under the leadership of Christophe Gaussin, GAUSSIN is transformed into an engineering company, world leader in the field of clean and intelligent freight transport. In December, GAUSSIN announced a world first: its participation in the Dakar 2022 with a hydrogen-powered truck. 

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

Mohammed Ghazani

Mohammed Ghazali

Mohammed GHAZALI, currently Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and the Environment and former Secretary General of the Department of Communication (2014-2018), has a rich academic background: Mechanical Engineer from the National Superior School of Electricity and Mechanics in Morocco (1996), Master of “Public Services Management” from the Higher Institute of Commerce and Business Administration in Morocco and from the Higher School of Economic and Commercial Sciences in France (2004), and Executive MBA from the Toulouse Business School (2011). Mr. GHAZALI is an expert accredited in customs modernization by the World Customs Organization, and by UNIDO in the area of industrial infrastructure. Professional background: Mr. GHAZALI held positions of responsibility at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Upgrading of the Economy (1997 – 2005) and at the Ministry of Economy and Finance (General Treasury of the Kingdom and the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes) (2005 – 2014).

Plenary N°03 : “Industrialization: going forward with gigafactories”

Matthieu Guesne Photo Page Guest

Matthieu Guesné



Matthieu Guesné, former research director at CEA, founded Lhyfe in 2017. “Hydrogen is our future if it is clean from start to finish. We produce it from renewable energy. It’s not complicated, and better for our children ”. 

Workshop n°04 : “Electrolysis and industrial hydrogen”

Photo RH12

Roland Hequet

VP Hydrogen Strategy & Origination

John Cockerill

Roland Hequet is Vice-President Strategy & Origination of John Cockerill Hydrogen. After getting a Master’s degree in engineering and general management, Roland has taken several managerial positions in large multi-national companies. He has spent his career in Europe, the USA and other parts of the world.With John Cockerill, he has been in charge of several of the group companies in France, Germany, USA, Russia and India.Since 2018, he has been developing the hydrogen activity of John Cockerill worldwide.

Workshop n°06 : “Production and storage technologies” 

Photo Page Guest hoffner

Jacques Hoffner

Faurecia Clean Mobility – Business Development Director for Zero Emission division


Jacques Hoffner is Business Development Director for Zero Emission Division of Faurecia Clean Mobility. He joined Faurecia 30 years ago as process engineer by Faurecia Automotive Exteriors. He then became R&D Vice President, including the composite activity. Since 2017, he joined Faurecia Clean Mobility as Technology fueling & Business Development Director for Zero Emission Division. Jacques Hoffner graduated from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC) with a degree in mechanical engineering between 1989 and 1991.

Workshop n°06 : “Production and storage technologies” 

CEO jv hyvia

David Holderbach



Born in 1971 in Valence (France), David Holderbach graduated in aerospace engineering from Arizona State University. He started his career at Renault in 1996 as Thermal Comfort Manager before joining Auto Chassis International (ACI, Renault Group) in 2002 as a Project Engineer, then as Engineering Manager at ACI Japan. In 2006, he joined Nissan as Program Manager on the D platform, then returned to Renault Group in 2009 where he led the cross-functional team in charge of Product synergies. In 2010, David was appointed Segment Chief Product Specialist of the Global Access range. Three years later, he became America Program Director, within the Americas Region, based in Brazil. In September 2018, he returned to Europe as After Sales Europe Project Director and then became After-Sales Director of Renault Benelux where he completed the merger of After-Sales and Quality of Service. 

Since June 3, 2021, David is Chairman of the HYVIA joint venture created between Renault Group and Plug Power, which leads the way towards a complete ecosystem of technologies and services for hydrogen mobility. 

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

Franz Huber

Franz Huber

Engineer from the KIT and the Ense³ in 2001. 20 years of experience in electric drive systems, digitalization, and renewable energy solutions. Over 8 years he successfully transferred the drive technology from the material handling industry to applications like scissor lifts for aircraft loading, street cleaning machines or electric farm loaders. Back to the core business in 2015 he helped as agile coach and project manager strategic product platforms to organize the development of the recently launched counterbalance forklift truck series 12xx.

Plenary n°02 : «A global approach to mobility » 


Dr. Martin Johannes Schneider

Business Development Manager

Siemens Energy

Dr. Martin Johannes Schneider is Business Development Manager in the New Energy Business at Siemens Energy. He is responsible for business development in the mobility sector in cooperation with Siemens Mobility and partners from industry and research. Before joining Siemens Energy in 2020, Dr. Schneider headed the product management team at Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies in Erlangen, Germany. He received his PhD from the Chair of Chemical Reaction Engineering at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg followed by a PostDoc at the School of Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Plenary n°04 : « Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution » 


Stéphane Kaba

Stéphane Kaba

Smart & Green Mobility Director


A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, Stéphane began his professional career in Finance and the Cement Industry before joining Alstom in 1998 as International Sales Director for the Bogie business.In 2011, Stéphane Kaba was appointed Director of Development for the TGV business and was responsible for promoting the “TGV of the future”. Since 2015, Stéphane Kaba has been President of SpeedInnov, a joint venture between ADEME and ALSTOM, in charge of the development of the new generation of high-speed trains. In recent months, Stéphane has expanded his scope by becoming Smart & Green Mobility Director, thus actively participating in Alstom’s strategy in the field of energy transition.

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

Sans titre

Carina Krastel

Commercial Director at European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC)

EIT InnoEnergy

Carina Krastel is a sustainable energy engineer with experience in engineering, business and innovation. Since 2009, she has worked in the construction and the industrial gas industry on sustainable energy, air quality and innovation topics. Prior to joining InnoEnergy, Carina has worked as the Director for New Offers for the Energy Transition for the Large Industry Business of Air Liquide, a French industrial gas company, focusing on offers for green hydrogen and carbon capture solutions.

Workshop n°04 : “Electrolysis and industrial hydrogen”

Jeremie Lagarrigue Photo Page Guest copie

Jérémie Lagarrigue

Jérémie Lagarrigue, EODev‘s CEO and former F18 catamaran world champion, is representative of this generation of engineers for whom the energy transition only makes sense if it is transformed into technological reality. Before joining EODev, Jérémie was the director of Hydros.

Workshop n°05 : “Waterways applications”


Chris Lefrère

Project Manager HyTrucks


Since 2020 Chris is project manager in charge of developing the HyTrucks project. HyTrucks is a consortium of world leading hydrogen producers, hydrogen pipeline and transport operators, hydrogen refueling station operators, truck manufacturers, transport operators, shippers, technology providers and the ports of Antwerp, Duisburg and Rotterdam.  HyTrucks’s ambition is to kick-start the decarbonization of heavy duty transport in Europe by means of a coordinated deployment of up to 1,000 heavy duty hydrogen trucks and 25 heavy duty hydrogen refueling stations by 2025.

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”


Bruno Lestrade

Customer Account Manager at GRTGaz & mosaHYc (H2) project


Being graduated from Chimie ParisTech and the IFP-School, and after 15 years in the heavy industry, Bruno Lestrade has joined GRTgaz and its regional commercial teams on the North-East region to deal with natural gas customer and their mutations due to the Energy Transition. Since 2019, Bruno Lestrade is part of the MosaHYc team that aims to create the first H2 hub in France linked with the coal-power plants conversion in Carling and Fenne-Völklingen.

Workshop n°04 : “Electrolysis and industrial hydrogen”

Peter mackey

Peter Mackey

Vice-President Strategy & Policy Support

Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy

Peter Mackey joined the Air Liquide Group in 2017, initially based in Frankfurt. As a member of the Group Strategy team he was involved in numerous projects, including acting as co-chair of the Group’s Energy Transition Task Force. In late 2020 he relocated to Paris to take up his current role as VP Strategy & Policy Support for Air Liquide’s Hydrogen Energy world business line.

Prior to joining Air Liquide, Peter spent over two decades working as a highly ranked Equity Analyst covering the chemical sector. He worked in London for several institutions, including Exane BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and Commerzbank.

Peter Mackey is a Mathematics & Economics graduate of the London School of Economics.

Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution” 

El Amine

El Amine Mernissi Cherigui

Research engineer


El Amine Mernissi graduated from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) with a PhD in electrochemistry. He joined APERAM Stainless France to work within the research departement at Isbergues. Actually, El Amine is responsible of the R&D developement of materilas for Fuel Cells and Water Electrolysis.

Workshop n°03: « Technologies for using hydrogen »

Ignacio Morande montt

Ignacio Morandé

Chile’s Trade Commissioner to France

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Graduated with a master’s degree in public administration in 2007-2008 from the London School of Economics and Political Science, in London, United Kingdom. Ignacio is in charge of promoting Chile’s exports in the fields of agro-industry, industry, fashion and innovation, he establishes partnerships with French institutions and supports tourism and tourism policy. foreign investments in Chile. Its action with Chilean start-ups has resulted in the establishment of an innovation program with French incubators.

Plenary N°03 : “Industrialization: going forward with gigafactories”

Martin picture 2021

Martin O’Neil

Vice President of Product Management, Head of the GE Decarbonization Center

GE Gas Power

Martin is vice president of product management at GE Gas Power and leads the activities of GE’s Center for Decarbonization, as part of its steering committee.
Martin is a seasoned senior executive who brings deep expertise in product design, programs and technical leadership in the power generation, marine, aviation and transportation industries. He has worked at GE for over 10 years – split evenly between the United States and Europe – and has a keen interest in the developing electricity market, technological and business disruptors, and geopolitical factors influencing the pace of energy transition on a global scale.

Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for the use of hydrogen” 

Yohanne Perrot Guest

Yohann Perrot

Innovation and New Business Development Director


Yohann has a PhD and a Master degree in fluid dynamics and in aeronautics and aerospace applications. Since 2006, he joined the automotive world and is since 2012 in charge of innovation and new business development, especially fuel cells and hydrogen recirculation blowers within Busch Clean Air. He supported the development of 60 fuel cell systems across the world.

Workshop n°03 : “Technologies for using hydrogen”

Sans titre

Nicolas Pocard

Vice President Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

Ballard Power Systems Inc.

Nicolas Pocard, brings to Ballard more 20 years of experience in business development and marketing at international level. Nicolas Pocard joined the fuel cell industry in 2004 and Ballard Power Systems in 2012. Among his responsibilities, Nicolas looks after corporate market strategy, marketing activities, government relations and strategic partnerships for Ballard. Nicolas Pocard is the Chair of the Board of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and a Board member of the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) and of the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC). He also represents Ballard with various Industry Associations and Government forums. Mr. Pocard holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from ESCOM (Paris) and a Master’s of Science from The Ohio State University (USA).

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

2015 Photo Julien Poillot

Julien Poillot

Director of Innovative projects


I am in charge of innovative projects, which will enable us to decarbonize our industry through the industrialization of innovative or new for us solutions. I have previously worked mainly in plant operations and project management, in the fields of cement, energy, waste treatment and industrial flue gas treatment.

Workshop n°04 : “Electrolysis and industrial hydrogen”

Photo CD_27.04.17 rognée

Caroline Poulet

Hydrogen Operations Officer

ENGIE Solutions

Engineer specialising in energy sector, Caroline joined ENGIE Group 8 years ago. Caroline first provided  engineering for projects including renewable energies and then worked on energy performance projects in the framework of public tenders. Caroline is now Hydrogen Operations Officer, where she contributes to the development of renewable hydrogen sector in France for industries, territories and low-carbon mobility.

Workshop n°08 : “Aeronautics”

Photo Page Guest

Cécile Prévieu

Deputy Managing Director


Graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, as well as the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, Cécile Prévieu began her career in the service of the French State, in particular at the Ministry of economy, finance and industry, as energy advisor to the Minister of Industry, then as transport advisor to the Prime Minister.

She joined ENGIE in 2010, where she held responsibilities with the CEO in charge of the Group’s Infrastructures business line, before being appointed Director of Asset Management at Storengy.

Since 2015, Cécile has been Managing Director of Storengy. It has secured the storage activity in France through regulation and developed Storengy on carbon-free activities: production and storage of renewable gases (biomethane, hydrogen and e-methane) and supply of heat and cold by geothermal energy for cities and towns. eco-neighborhoods.

Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution”


Antoine Ressicaud

Chief Manufacturing & Procurement Officer



Antoine RESSICAUD joined McPhy in 2021 as Chief Manufacturing & Procurement Officer. He oversees the Manufacturing, Procurement, Production and Industrialization activities of the company, defines and implements the highest quality standards and processes, for a state-of-the art industrial business and ensures strategic and operational alignment with the other departments. Antoine started his career the Energy and automotive industry. He is graduated from INSA Rouen as a Mechanical Engineer and from Michigan Ross school of Business and CEDEP.

Plenary n°03 : « Industrialization: going forward with giga factories» 

Philippe Rosier 2021

Philippe Rosier

Chief executive officer


Since September 2020, Philippe is Symbio CEO, company co-owned by Michelin and Faurecia,  ambitioning to become a global leader in mobile hydrogen systems. Priory, Philippe was Cerdia’s CEO,  leader in the transformation of cellulosic materials, a Solvay’ s spin-off into a LBO with Blackstone. Over 4 years till 2015, he led Solvay Energy, a sustainable profitable business in energy management services ww and developing “climate care” solutions. He was founding President of Orbeo, JV with Société Générale dedicated to CO2 emission markets. Philippe graduated from ESPCI and ENSPM, holds an INSEAD MBA and is auditor from IHEST. Philippe chaired MEDEF’s Energy, Competitivity & Climate Committee over 5-y;  chaired the Energy Committee of Business Europe over 7-y and since 2009 is a Member of the Economic Council for SD, created by the French Government to lay down the foundations of a new sustainable growth.

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

Photo Page Guest

Christelle Rouillé

Managing Director


In September 2017, Christelle Rouillé joined the brand new entity created by the EDF group “New Business Department” in charge of developing the group’s future and new activities and making them growth levers. She holds the position of Director of Strategy and Business Coordination. Since 2019, Christelle Rouillé has been Managing Director of Hynamics, the EDF group’s low-carbon and / or renewable hydrogen production and distribution subsidiary.

Plenary n°04 : “Hydrogen energy production / storage / distribution “

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Serge Rouland

Innovation manager

Territoire habitat

Building engineer and holder of a Ph.D. in civil engineering and habitat sciences. I have been working in the social housing sector since 2004. Specialized in facility management and energy monitoring of buildings, I joined Territoire habitat in 2012. I supervise the development and technical property. I currently hold the position of innovation manager and I am the project leader for the “H2 social housing in Belfort” operation.

Plenary n°05 : « Developing stationary applications » 


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Dominique Sadoul

Advanced Powertrain & Energy Vice President


Dominique Sadoul, a graduate of the ENSIMEV Engineering School in France, has headed the Advanced Powertrain & Energy department within the PSA Group’s Innovation Division since 2013. He leads the development of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Zero Emission technology launched on the range of light commercial vehicles of the STELLANTIS group : Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen, Citroën Ë-Jumpy Hydrogen and Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen.

Plenary n°02 : “Hydrogen for heavy mobility”

Olivier Savin

Olivier Savin

Co-Founder, President

Blue Spirit Aero

Olivier Savin has a 23 year work experience with hydrogen fuel cells in aerospace, including 5 years at Honeywell (Los Angeles, CA) and 18 years at Dassault-Aviation (business jet manufacturer, Paris, France). Throughout his career, he has conducted a number of collaborative development and demonstration projects related to hydrogen fuel cell applications in aviation. In 2020 he co-founded the company Blue Spirit Aero, with the objective to develop, industrialize and commercialize a family of light electric aircraft powered by hydrogen fuel cells. He has been acting as the Chairman of the joint SAE/EUROCAE standardization group on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for aviation since 2016.

Workshop n°08 : “Aeronautics”


Dr.-Ing Schaadt Achim

Head of Department “Thermochemical Processes”

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

Achim Schaadt, PhD in Process Engineering, laureate from the University of Kaiserslautern, has directed the “Thermochemical Processes” department at the Fraunhofer ISE Institute since 2016. In the context of numerous projects funded by the public and the private sector, his team of around 50 people work on the synthesis and reforming processes of energy vectors and their ecological and economic impact. He is co-author of the Fraunhofer road map for the use of hydrogen in Germany.

Workshop n°06 : “Production and storage technologies” 

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Jan-Erik Starlander

Head of relations with territories and local authorities

France Hydrogène

Jan-Erik Starlander is head of relations with territories and local authorities at France Hydrogen, the French national hydrogen association. He holds a MSc in Environmental Management and Policy from the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) of the University of Lund (Sweden). Before joining France Hydrogen, he has been working on industry and energy transition support at CCI France, the roof organisation of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

Workshop N°07 “Jobs of tomorrow”

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Prof. Nadia Yousfi Steiner

Full Professor / Researcher


Prof. Nadia Yousfi Steiner received a Master’ Degree in Mathematics and Master’ degrees in Fluidics and Energetics in 2006. She obtained a PhD in Engineering Science in collaboration between the University of Franche-Comté and the European Institute for Energy Research in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2009. From 2009 to 2014, she worked as R&D Project Manager at the European Institute for Energy Research in Karlsruhe, Germany, in charge of collaborative projects on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. Her main research activity is linked to Fuel Cell systems characterization diagnostics, pronostics and control. She is currently full Professor at the University of Franche-Comté and director of the Master of Engineering Hydrogen Energy & Energy Efficiency.

Workshop N°07 “Jobs of tomorrow”


Karine Vernier

Karine brings over 20 years of experience in the global energy industry, having successfully led numerous programmes in the clean energy sector, notably with energy giants ENGIE and GRTgaz. Her entrepreneurial track record and passion for innovation, having founded two companies in the natural gas and digital sector, and managed a third one in the clean fuel sector. These experiences give her a unique outlook on the start-up industry and invaluable insights on how to embrace its challenges and opportunities. Co-located in the Paris and Grenoble hubs, Karine will lead EIT InnoEnergy Team in France for a vibrant, sustainable European economy forward by supporting sustainable energy innovation.

Plenary N°03 : “Industrialization: going forward with gigafactories”

Verdino Vincenzo

Verdino Vincenzo

Chief Engineer and Program Manager Fuel Cells

Punch Hydrocells

Vincenzo Verdino is Chief Engineer and Program Manager within Punch Hydrocells. He has more than 20years experience in Product Development area working in the Aerospace as well Automotive,  combustion engines sectors. He covered a wide range of positions starting from design , development and calibration ending then in the Program Management area.   He has been managing  global programs within General Motors releasing engines to production  for the India , China and USA market , last of them best in class for fuel economy and « state of the art » in terms of technology . Formerly has been working for IVECO and VM Motori. He has a « leading innovation » and « green » mindset as a personal background which is now fully devoted to develop for Punch Hydrocells , part of the Punch Group, the Fuel Cells pillar within the Green H2 strategy of the company which includes Production , Storage and Distribution as well Internal Combustion Engines.

Plenary n°02 : « A global approach to mobility » 

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Dr. James Walker

Hydrogen Development Manager of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)


Dr James Walker is the Hydrogen Development Manager at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), where he identifies and develops opportunities for EMEC to grow its hydrogen-related R&D and commercial consultancy business streams. James also liaises with the Scottish and UK governments and key stakeholders to address market mechanisms and business models to facilitate development of the sector. This has included recent work with the Scottish Government to evaluate opportunities for French and Scottish organisations to collaborate on hydrogen innovation projects. James joined EMEC in 2020, previously having worked in the Carbon Trust energy systems team, where he carried out research on a wide range of energy decarbonisation issues, including on the role for hydrogen in delivering ‘net zero’ energy systems.

Plenary n°4 : “Hydrogen energy production/storage/distribution”

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Benno Weinberger

R&D Manager and Hydrogen referee


Dr. Ing. Benno Weinberger, graduated at the Technical University of Berlin as energy and process engineer. Since 2009 he coordinates R&D topics related to hydrogen safety at Ineris and contributes to the working group of the International Association for Hydrogen Safety IA HySafe, were he served several years as secretary. Further he is member of the ISO 197 Hydrogen technologies, CEN/TC 268/WG 5 Specific hydrogen technologies applications, CEN/CLC/JTC 6 Hydrogen in energy systems. 

Workshop n°01 : “Regulatory aspects along the entire value chain”

image_christelle Werquin

Christelle Werquin

General Delegate

France Hydrogene

After starting a career in European Affairs in Brussels within public or private organisations, and later in Paris as head of institutional relations and partnerships for the organisation Toute l’Europe, I joined France Hydrogene (formerly AFHYPAC) to promote and participate in the development of the sector. I am also a member of Hydrogen Europe Board of Directors as a representative of the National Associations.

Workshop n°01 : « Regulatory aspects along the entire value chain » 


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Jeon Yongwon


EN Co.

Yongwon Jeon is the CEO of EN company. After he recieved his Ph. D from the Konkuk University, he obtained a research position as post-doctor at the KU institute of biotechnology in Konkuk University. In 2020, he founded EN company. EN is the Start-up for the development of eco-friendly and low-cost  hydrogen-producing facility which is designed to accommodate wastewater treatment and hydrogen production at a time to enhance the existing hydrogen production and water treatment technologies.

Workshop n°06 : “Production and storage technologies”