The forum

Hydrogen Business For Climate is the transnational event to unlock the H2 energy transition in France and Europe.

For 2 days

For 2 days

Forum participants will join more than 50 international experts from industry, academia, and politics to share their vision and explore avenues to bring the hydrogen transition to Europe.

Together, they will pursue the same objectives

Together, they will pursue the same objectives

  • To shed light on the hydrogen markets
  • To foster cooperation
  • To initiate business and accelerate the deployment of practical solutions


through a program designed to inspire and advance, faster and further!

The program

Hydrogen Business For Climate

Our guests & speakers

5 plenaries to move the transition forward!

8 workshops to build the transition!

B2B meetings to accelerate the transition!

Our exhibitors

In Situ visits to observe!

A friendly networking evening!